General Dynamics European Land System’s SIAC…state of the fine art 155/52 caliber towed howitzer amongst self-propelled capabilities

Gents…you verbalise close artillery all the fourth dimension only ane offering has hardly been mentioned.  If you’re non familiar thence permit me innovate you lot to General Dynamic European Land Systems SAIC 155/52 howitzer (page here).

I can’t imagine why it hasn’t seen to a greater extent than widespread use.  It has express self propelled capabilities, seems to convey superior off route ability…the exclusively matter inwards doubtfulness is this.  Can you lot sling charge this monster?  Even if you lot can’t I don’t encounter the existent problem.  Heliborne artillery raids are a myth.  I don’t encounter it happening inwards existent life (if you lot tin shout out an representative exterior of Gulf War 1 thence I’m all ears).  So why isn’t this large caliber howitzer inwards demand?