Rise of the wheeled tanks…

Japanese Maneuver Combat Vehicle
Italian Centauro II

I simply had a “force of connection”.  While I bring nevertheless to involve heed an explanation of why fighting inwards mega cities volition hold out worth the high casualties, protracted conflict, as well as the impossibility of genuinely accomplishing a armed services objective it seems that everyone inwards our Defense Dept is onboard that train.

With that beingness the instance as well as hence the agency nosotros mean value well-nigh armored vehicles as well as specially tanks volition shift.

What I’m maxim inwards a drawn out fashion is that we’re well-nigh to encounter the rising of the wheeled tanks.


Think well-nigh it.  We’ve already reached a dot where kinetic weapons tin sack penetrate anything on the battlefield.  Even RPG-29’s bring been shown to penetrate weak points on the M1 Abrams (cool your jets…it was 1 time classified but is inwards the opened upwards now).  So alongside that beingness the instance what is the answer?  Lighter weight (not that twoscore tons is light), higher mobility on roads (remember mega cities are non rural locales) as well as massive guns to bargain with
enemy fortifications.  What volition hold out the protection values?  Probably armored to bargain alongside medium caliber cannons (talking in all probability proof against 30mm upwards to 40mm inwards the future), equipped alongside APS (to bargain alongside infantry ATGM) as well as able to bargain alongside IEDs.  What volition hold out the caliber gun?  I’m non certain yet.  We encounter a couplet alongside touchstone 120mm cannons.  The futurity mightiness encounter an development toward fifty-fifty larger caliber guns designed to destroy buildings, fortifications etc.  Think along the lines of the WW2 Sturmtiger but alongside a turret as well as of course of pedagogy advanced ammo.

This is of course of pedagogy speculation but we’re seeing trends that quest that planners are seeing the battlefield inwards a dissimilar way.  Away from the countryside as well as unfortunately inwards the city.
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