Saturday Science Experiment: Grow a Plant from Food Scraps

I’ll acknowledge it. I accept a flora problem. Whenever I come across seeds or sprouts, I desire to crusade to grow them myself. We were at the feed shop the other twenty-four lx minutes menstruum in addition to they had rack upon rack of bloom seeds packed for 2015. Now, I alive inwards New England, in addition to it is Jan 3rd. I most probable won’t hold out able to grow flowers outdoors for at to the lowest degree five months. I don’t know if it is the fact that we’ve had pretty weird weather condition this wintertime in addition to the bits of icy snowfall inwards my yard are flanked yesteryear large patches of grass, making it expect a whole lot similar spring…or if it is simply my flora compulsion, but I went ahead in addition to bought roughly bloom seeds. I approximate I’ll simply accept to hold out actually patient!

Dreaming of spring! ©SBF 2015
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The proficient tidings is, yous don’t accept to hold off until it is hospitable for plants outdoors to grow them. Last fourth dimension I counted my houseplants I had 27 of them (is at that spot a 10 stride programme out at that spot for me?) in addition to I know I’ve added to the collection. Several are plants I’ve grown from sprouts or seeds from produce.

We’ve had several successful avocado pit plants, in addition to I’ve planted garlic in addition to potatoes that accept sprouted from beingness inwards the pantry equally good long. I started my ain sweetness Irish Gaelic patato slips from an organic sweetness Irish Gaelic patato concluding year. This yesteryear summertime I saved seeds from my tomatoes, squash, sunflowers, marigolds, nasturtiums to crusade to flora i time to a greater extent than adjacent year. We’ve fifty-fifty tried to grow a pineapple from it’s overstep on several occasions, but amongst no success. It doesn’t accept me discouraged though, I’ll run on trying to grow whatever I tin acquire my hands on.

Can I grow a grapefruit plant? ©SBF 2015
I establish a seed inwards my grapefruit yesterday in addition to I am wondering if I tin acquire it to sprout. It is citrus

flavour in addition to I know that yous tin grow many citrus plants equally menage plants. I’m going to crusade an experiment, in addition to mayhap this weekend yous tin too! I am going to moisture a slice of newspaper towel in addition to crimp it inwards half, in addition to thence inwards one-half again. I volition set my grapefruit seed inwards the within corner of the damp newspaper in addition to and thence house the whole affair inwards a baggie. I’ll permit it sit down on the windowsill in addition to depository fiscal establishment gibe on it i time to a greater extent than inwards virtually a week. It mightiness sprout, it mightiness not. I’ll permit yous know inwards next weekend’s “Saturday Science Experiment” post.

There are enough of ideas out on the meshing of how to grow plants from hit seeds or scraps. I establish this concern human relationship of a granddad who loves to garden in addition to portion the honey of growing things amongst his granddaughter. They sprouted orangish seeds. Read virtually it hither at  How virtually this DIY site that has 25 foods yous tin re-grow from kitchen scraps?

If the see of growing things from kitchen scraps sounds intriguing, I would highly recommend getting your hands on a re-create of Don’t Throw It, Grow It!: 68 windowsill plants from kitchen scraps yesteryear Deborah Peterson in addition to Millicent Selsam. This mass includes ideas for growing all sorts of houseplants from hit scraps similar ginger root, crush in addition to fifty-fifty kiwi. If at that spot were a flora back upwards grouping I intend I mightiness attend it amongst these ladies!

 We were at the feed shop the other twenty-four lx minutes menstruum in addition to they had rack upon rack of bloom seeds packe Sat Science Experiment: Grow a Plant from Food Scraps

The potential of a seed. Amazing! ©SBF 2015
I am really excited to crusade my grapefruit experiment. What kind of seeds or flora scraps are yous going to crusade to grow? I can’t hold off to quest heed virtually your indoor nutrient fight garden! If yous crusade this out permit me know how it goes yesteryear commenting below, or e-mailing me at:

Post updated: 4/14/16