Solution if your Payoneer Card is in Blocked

If your Payoneer Card is hit Block, you can still make transactions by adding / changing your payment method with EURO

The trick as follows, Click Global Payment

Then Add a payment method with EURO, then click Request payment.
and upload your KTP / SIM.

Then you will get a German Bank account like this:

Now you replace your old US bank account account number recorded in Amazon or elsewhere you do business online with the German Bank Account Number.
If your Balance has been entered, Now you can Transfer to Local Bank do the following: Click Withdraw to Bank Account.

Then fill in the amount to be transferred following your local bank destination.

Enter the amount you want to drag in the Withdraw Amount field, fill in the Description column or empty it. Next, click the NEXT button.

You are required to enter the last 4 digits of your account number, your birth date, and your Payoneer account password. Then, check the confirmation … .. then click the FINISH button.

the top view indicates that the withdrawal request has been completed. The funds will then be logged into your account between 3-5 days. However, there are times when funds will be faster.